Nan used to hang pieces of toast on the tree branches for the birds to peck. There was always plenty of extra toast at breakfast. Great big thick slices of bread toasted under the gas grill while eggs were boiled, poached or fried to perfection. Real butter, homemade jam and honey sat on the table. There was a spoon to move jam to your plate, we were never allowed to put our knives in the jam pot. I can hear her now saying “I don’t like butter in the jam”. There was also a huge, never ending pot of tea made with real tea leaves, a tea strainer, and porcelain cups and saucers. Breakfast was always the best meal of the day. I think she must have cooked extra toast just for the birds because there was always some left over. The birds would be waiting in the bushes; the early bird catches the bacon rind.

Acrylic on Canvas

9″ X 20″

Not for sale


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